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Emmett Technique

Introducing our Emmett Team for this year!

Let me introduce you to our amazing team of Emmett Technique therapists for this year’s 2018 C2K Ride.

As with previous rides we’ll be available to provide treatments assisting you throughout the day from breakfast to dinner for a $$ note donation (All proceeds are donated to the C2K.). If you have any pain or discomfort, please shout out to us and we’ll greatly reduce your pain within 5-10 minutes. It’s quick, painless and effective.

Emmett can be given sitting, standing roadside at drink stops, at lunch, dinner even standing at the bar waiting for a drink. Wherever you need us, we’ll be there for you.

Each night we’ll set up a base camp where our massage tables will be popped up and chairs set out ready to ease your aches, ouchy bits and tired muscles. Just look out for our marquees with the big yellow Emmett Flag flying above. Emmett Therapists are a noisy happy bunch so follow the laughter.

The treatments are fast and effective, so we’ll be able to see as many riders and supporters as we can. The waiting room is set out each day, so bring your beverage, take a seat on our comfy camp chairs and yarn to the other riders about your beaut day of cycling while you wait for your treatment.

We’re super excited to tag along on the C2K again for the third year.

Can’t wait to meet you, the riders, supporters & volunteers and to introduce you to our passion, “The Emmett Technique” and take away any pain or discomfort you develop along the way. It’s a huge ride and we are here for your all.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Emmett Technique I’ve popped a link here of our testimonial video we filmed on the 2016 C2K ride.


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So what exactly is EMMETT?

As Emmett Therapists we get asked many, many questions.

The most asked would have to be: So what exactly is EMMETT?

Simply, EMMETT stands for “Easy Muscle Management Release Therapy”.

Where your muscles become tight and sore after hours on a bike, we do gentle non-invasive moves to get those stubborn bits to release and relax.

All cyclists, either road or off-road riders know they’re going to develop aches and pains in hands, arms, legs, feet, back, shoulders, neck and most definitely your butt after hours in the saddle.

This is where the Emmett Angels steps in to help.

We’ll use quick, effective moves to get you back on your bicycle to continue your C2K adventure to Karumba.

The beauty of this technique is we treat riders, sitting, standing or lying to work our magic on your tender bits and pieces.  During this year’s ride, look out for us.

You can’t miss us with our distinctive Emmett Technique shirts and our EMMETT Chameleon visors.

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The Emmett Technique Angels will be again joining the 2018 C2K Ride

It’s confirmed!! The Emmett Technique Angels will be again joining the 2018 C2K Ride providing muscle release therapy for all the riders and support crews.

We are so excited to be part of this amazing ride, our third year volunteering our time and hands to help you, the riders make it to Karumba.

It’s a gruelling undertaking riding over 780km’s and we look forward to providing muscle release and pain relief to see every rider achieve their goal to ride into Karumba in one piece.

Over the next few months we will introduce our awesome team of therapists and let you know how we can help you reach your goal of riding all the way from Cairns to Karumba.

For a note donation we will be providing treatments to ease pain and discomfort before breakfast, during the day’s ride, and in camp at the end of each day at our special EMMETT Technique tent city.

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