The Road Kill Catering Crew are an absolutely brilliant bunch of volunteers who ensure that no-one goes hungry on the way to Karumba. In fact, expect to put on a kg or two!

Breakfast – available from 6am. Pack 6 and the Dirty Boys eat first as they leave earlier than other riders.

Lunch – make your lunch each morning after breakfast. Riders can place their lunch in eskies provided by their escort drivers.

Dinner – available from 6pm each evening. We guarantee you will love the food!

(NB: you must supply your own plates, cups and cutlery)

Water and Powerade is made available approximately every 20km during the course of the ride.
An on-site bar will be available each day of the ride from 3pm. In all locations the bar will be operated by local organisations with profits flowing directly back to support the initiatives of the local community.
(NB: When arriving in Georgetown, head straight to the Wenaru Pub. From 4pm we will be holding the ‘Calcutta Bike Race’ around the town. This mini-event includes a rider auction, the Calcutta Race (approx. 12 riders) and we finish off with the Georgetown Rodeo Association Street Parade.)