Once the ride begins you have the opportunity to camp in some terrific locations across the Savannah Way. Generally we camp at the local rodeo grounds (or similar) for our overnight stays.

You will have access to showers (first in best dressed with the hot water!) and toilets. Most people do a little bit of basic hand washing each day and rig up their own clothes lines.

All forms of camping take place on the C2K Ride. Some like to keep it simple with not much more than a swag while others prefer to take a tent, camper trailer or even a motorhome.

If you prefer not to stay overnight at the rodeo grounds you have the option to stay at local motels/hotels etc. Please note that booking and paying for accommodation outside the rodeo grounds is the responsibility of individual participants who choose this option.

Remember that the ride culminates at Karumba Point, this means you need to either arrange your own accommodation on Friday July 5th (get in early as it books out fast!) or simply ‘camp out’ at the local recreation centre, Karumba (approx. 8 kms from the Sunset Tavern at Karumba Point).

We will have a bus available to transport all riders from Karumba Point to the Sports Centre on Friday afternoon. This bus is also used to transport participants wishing to join other riders to the Sunset Tavern for dinner on Friday July 5th.