If you want to ride from Cairns to Karumba but don’t have a support crew…no problems! For just $100 we can transport your gear each day of the ride (simply drop it off each morning and collect it when you arrive in town that afternoon).

All gear for unsupported riders needs to be dropped off at the truck on the day of the ride briefing, Friday 20th of June2018.
All gear for unsupported riders will be transferred each day by the ride luggage truck. Simply place your luggage by the truck each morning and it will be transported to the next overnight location.

Bikes being transported back to Cairns need to be packed on Saturday afternoon shortly after arriving in Karumba. Shortly after the finale lunch at the Sunset Tavern in Karumba you will be asked to pack your bikes into your bike boxes (provided by you). Your bike box can travel on the trucks from Cairns all the way to Karumba.

Riders are responsible for packing their own bikes into bike boxes (provided by individual riders) at the end of the ride. Bikes can be collected from the Cairns School of Distance Education between 7.00 -11.00 am on Sunday 8th of July.

The day after arriving in Karumba (Saturday 7th of July), a bus will depart Karumba at 6.00am headed for Cairns. The buses generally arrive back in Cairns at 6.00pm that evening. Please note that these buses will only stop in two locations in Cairns:
Novotel, Cairns (official event partner)
The Cairns School of Distance Education, Hoare Street, Manunda (5 mins drive from the city centre)
It is your responsibility to make your own arrangements from either of the above drop off points.
Please note that all gear and bikes that are not collected during this time will remain at the School of Distance Education for a period of 7 days only. Unfortunately we are unable to store items for longer than this. Any items still at the school beyond this time period will be offered to the Salvation Army for sale.

(NB: to provide all bus passengers with the quickest transport back to Cairns, we encourage all unsupported riders to pre-order and pay for their breakfast in Normanton before heading off on the final leg of the ride on Friday 6th of July. That way you breakfast will be available for you on Saturday 7th of July at 7am when you pass back through the town!
More details about this will be provided on the ride as orders can simply be placed when taking group photos on the final morning near ‘Kris the Croc’. The take away shop is just 50m across the road from Kris!)