[The route has a total ascent of 4182.77 m and has a maximum elevation of 1,162.6 m. ]

The road ride involves a total of 780km of riding. As this ride involves a number of packs, it caters for all levels of riding experience – you simply select a pack that is riding at a pace that suits you!

We will travel through beautiful remote Queensland and meet some of the local families that we are fundraising for. Their kindness, generosity and openness will make you understand why we do this ride year on year.

We encourage some of the children to join us a few kilometers from the town and ride in with a pack. This is a huge event for them and they train for and look forward to for months.

Standard Minimum Equipment:

  • A recently serviced, maintained road bike
  • Relatively new tyres front and back
  • Drink holder (2 preferred)
  • Spare parts including spokes, chain, tubes, tyres, lube, rag, pump and basic tools like allen keys, tyre levers etc.

Day 1 | Cairns to Atherton
Saturday, 25th of June 2022 [96km]

Begin your adventure from the Cairns Lagoon Car Park opposite the Shangri-La Hotel. All ride together for the first 7km. Road riders stop at Smithfield and those that want to tackle the Kuranda Range (5km uphill ride with a 7% gradient) head off, others may choose to be driven up the range to Karunda Village. First Stop – Kuranda. Packs of riders are formed and proceed to Mareeba Aerodrome for lunch.
Lunch stop at Mareeba is provided by the Mareeba Lions Club. After lunch, riders will proceed to Atherton, ride through the town and to Big4 NRMA Atherton Tablelands Holiday Park for the night.

[Total ascent of 1215.96 m and has a maximum elevation of 780.94 m]

Day 2 | Atherton to Mount Garnet Turf Club

Sunday, 26th of June 2022 [101 km]

The route from Atherton to Mt Garnet follows the Herberton Range. The range is a 5km (uphill section) ride, with the town of Herberton itself also offering some hills. The first 30-40 km are very challenging. The weather here may be cool and damp. Make sure to pack some warm cycling gear. From Herberton the riders then commence the leg to Ravenshoe – the highest town above sea level in Queensland. There are two routes that riders can take from Herberton to Ravenshoe – this will be indicated by the pack leaders on the day.  We have lunch in Ravenshoe. Following lunch all packs reform and proceed to Mt Garnet. Overnight stay is at the Mt Garnet Turf Club about 5km past the township.

[Total ascent of 1150.12 m and has a maximum elevation of 1,162.6 m]

Day 3 | Mount Garnet to Mount Surprise

Monday, 27th June 2022 [113 km]

At the 40 Mile Scrub we have a magnificent morning tea/lunch. Please bring a donation to thank the lovely families that produce this food for us. Narrow bitumen and rough edges, coupled with increasing contact with road trains and other large road vehicles keep the need for traffic awareness at a premium, following the 40 Mile Scrub turnoff onto the Gulf Development Road. The conditions then level out and the road makes a gradual descent with improved road surface.

The night time stop is within the township of Mt Surprise. Camping is available at the Bedrock Village caravan park.

[Total ascent of 465.83 m and has a maximum elevation of 799.35 m]

Day 4 | Mount Surprise to Georgetown

Tuesday, 28th June 2022 [94 km]

Along this road care needs to be taken with narrow bitumen, rough edges,  potholes, cattle grids and traffic with plenty of chances to meet a road train face to face. The countryside is now quite dry, however there is some spectacular scenery at the top of the range – this is Savannah country.

The Newcastle Range is a 15km uphill section, which has an  initial steep climb and then a more gentle descent on the other side.
Don’t get complacent; through the Newcastle Range there are some lovely new sections of road, but there are still some sections where the bitumen is very rough and broken. There often are cattle on the road – BEWARE!

This day usually concludes with the Rider’s Calcutta at the Wenaru Pub.


[ Total ascent of 504.09 m and has a maximum elevation of 559.54 m]

Day 5 | Georgetown to Croydon

Wednesday, 29th June 2022 [146 km]

Georgetown to Croydon has a lunch stop at the Gilbert River organised by families of the Cairns School of Distance Education. This is a hot, dry stop, so it is advisable to have a good shade hat or brolly organised.

Along the section of the ride between the Gilbert and Croydon,
there are some stretches of newer bitumen, which are wider and in reasonable condition, but only in reasonably short stretches.

The afternoon ride is long and hot through dry Savannah land. Plenty of water and electrolytes are essential to prevent dehydration.

[Total ascent of 333.82 m and has a maximum elevation of 316.22 m]

Day 6 | Croydon to Normanton

Thursday, 30th of June 2022 [151 km]

This is the day that Pack 1 & 2 race the Gulflander train to Normanton. A fun filled race.  This is another long day travelling from Croydon to Normanton, with a lunch stop at approximately the 110km mark. Sun hats and sunscreen are essential as there is negligible shade available. If you have a tarp, pop
up shade or even an umbrella, bring it along for this day.

Shades from our sponsors are provided, please be prepared to help putting them up and taking them down. The after lunch leg is somewhat deceiving with a subtle and relatively negligible climb to Normanton.

[Total ascent of 97.78 m and has a maximum elevation of 131.71 m]

Day 7 | Normanton to Karumba

Friday, 1st July 2022 [78 km]

This leg of the ride is bitumen all the way, with the road travelling across the Norman River and through open downs country. Don’t be deceived – this can be a very trying ride and as it is the seventh day, riders are tired.

This effects concentration and highlights the possibility of an accident – not wanting to be overly dramatic but it happens. Don’t be complacent; as it is usually hot with a strong dry head wind once we reach the open downs. We finish the ride at Karumba Point, for some toe dipping in FNQ’s western waters… or not, CROCODILE beware!!

[Total ascent of 81.07 m and has a maximum elevation of 15.0]

The Dirt Ride ride is open to both experienced male and female riders.

The dirt option is for experienced mountain bike riders with high quality, well serviced bikes, and will challenge the most hardy of skilled riders with long, corrugated and sometimes sandy and dusty terrain. It is impossible to ride dirt the entire way, and we do our best to maximise dirt time.

The premise upheld by the dirt riders is enjoyment, and the shared passion of seeing remote, untouched places. On any day, our permits run from 7am to 5pm, and we are not allowed to ride outside these hours.

Some of the dirt sections are upwards of 140 km, which is a massive distance to cover cross-country. On occasions the ride must traverse bitumen sections between dirt roads. We often have to transport between the overnight camp and the start of the day’s ride, and similarly, at times during the day.  The Dirt Riders will present as a united voice, and at any stage during the day, if the consensus amongst the group is to opt to transport, then this is what will happen. We do not ride in packs, however, will all stop together at designated places en-route (usually every 30-40 minutes or as required).

Our support vehicles carry the navigation gear, spares, food and drink, and ultimately make the final decisions on the group’s movements.

Expression of Interest

This popular ride fills up quickly each year. To ensure that all riders have the experience and equipment necessary to complete this ride, all persons interested in being a part of the Dirt Ride must complete an Expression of Interest Form.

Once you have completed your expression of interest , the dirt ride committee will review all Expressions of Interest and allocate ride positions accordingly. Positions will be allocated on a first in, first served basis…our tip –get in early to avoid disappointment! Once you have the ‘thumbs ups’ you are free to enter online.

Only riders who have completed an Expression of Interest will be eligible to be a part of the Dirt Ride.

Standard Minimum Equipment

  • A recently serviced, maintained mountain bike – minimum Deore/Sachs X-7 components.
  • Front suspension fork, such as Rock Shox Alpha 2/Fox 100mm with lockout preferable
  • Relatively new tyres, such as Specialised Ground Control or Maxxis Larsen 26 x 2.00 max size One bidon, preferably two.
  • Spare parts network, including spokes, chain, tubes, tyres, and service kit for each night, including TF2 lube, Rag, track pump and basic tools like allen keys, tyre levers etc.

Email or phone Helena: or 0439 993 706

C2K Dirt Ride Day 1 | Cairns to Tolga

[Today we ride approx. 54 km]

All riders depart together from the Lagoon Carpark, opposite Shangri-La Hotel, at day break (about 6.30am). Dirt Riders 7km, then are transported to Davies Ck MTB Trails. Ride single trail to Adler Hill.  Continue on to Emerald Ck falls Carpark where the Mareeba netball Club provide a scrumptious morning tea. Please give a gold coin donation.

Riders continue on a very rough track to Tinaroo Ck crossing and to Camp Barabadeen via Tinaroo township.  At Camp Barabadeen a BBQ lunch awaits you.  If time permits, we will continue on to the Tablelands Regional Council Trails from Barabadeen to Tolga and on to Atherton where we join camp with the rest of the C2K crew.


  • Smoko by locals at Emerald Ck falls-walk/ride up to falls.
  • Wind farm views from last stage of Tinaroo Ck Rd

C2K Dirt Ride Day 2 | Tolga to Mount Garnet

[Today we ride approx. 45 km]

From the Atherton campsite we take the bus to Woodleigh Station, where we meet with Kate who will give a talk on Woodleigh Station – working cattle station & camping grounds.

Kieran Lucey, a local will escort us from Woodleigh to Nettle Ck tin dredge. We then ride from Nettle Ck to Mt Garnet Pub to join the C2K Crew. We will then ride from Mt Garnet pub to Mt DJ Lucey rodeo grounds via back roads & trails.  Best to take a moment to clean & service bikes.



  • Woodleigh Working Cattle Station
  • Nettle Ck Tin Dredge
  • Numerous creeks & river views

C2K Dirt Ride Day 3 | Mount Garnet to Mount Surprise

[Today we ride 80km, for those who want extra k’s there is an option for an additional 20 km]

Depart Mount Garnet and head to Sundown where morning tea will be held at the iconic large rocks and lunch at Saltwater Creek.

This is now Large Rock Country with Volcanic rock such as basalt and granite everywhere you look.  Swimming hole that has been diverted by mining is a highlight for this day.

An additional option of 20 km is available on this day where the more confident riders can ride the railway line into town, unsupported from main road to Mt Surprise.

Riders that choose not to ride the extra 20 km will be transported from Ootan Road to the Mount Surprise Pub.


  • Sundown
  • Swimming in pristine waterholes

C2K Dirt Ride Day 4 | Mount Surprise to Georgetown

[Today we ride approx.  66 km]

In our Super Hero outfits, we ride from the campsite through the Brooklyn Yards – to Junction Creek where the owner will do a cattle demonstration for the riders. We will also get the chance to see the ruins of Staging Station out of Mount Surprise.

Lunch will be at Einasleigh River, right under the bridge. Swimming and lunch at waterhole.

We will ride into Georgetown, Wenru pub, ready to to take on the Rider’s Calcutta.


  • Cattle Demonstration
  • Swim at Einasleigh River

C2K Dirt Ride Day 5 | Georgetown to Croydon

[Today we ride approx. 70 km]

We travel on the bus out of Georgetown to Gilbert River crossing where we then ride to Mt Carlo, Inorounie and Littleton.  Morning tea will be at Stamper Mill – Mt Turner. Riders will bring their pre-packed lunch to have at be at Mt Turner Station.

We get picked up at the Littleton Yards and travel on to Alehvale Station turnoff and on to Croydon, but those riders going on the Gulflander Train Tour will need to get into town early, so the bus may be the way to go.




  • Alehvale escarpments, springs
  • Amazing Scenery

C2K Dirt Ride Day 6 | Croydon to Normanton

[ Today we ride approx. ‘Wherever the Kidd’s take us”]

Today we have morning tea at Wallabadah.  The real treat for the day is meeting Jane and Tom and their lovely family. Each year they welcome us on their station and into their home.

They put out a magnificent spread, including their famous home made sausages. Lunch   at Tabletop Station Homestead is definitely a major highlight of the entire trip.

Please support this amazing family, by donating some dollars for their efforts.

We will try to be in Normanton by 3pm to see Pack 1 beat the Gulflander Train into town!


  • Lake Belmore
  • Chinese ruins
  • Wallabadah Outstation
  • Mining ruins on Tabletop Station

C2K Dirt Ride Day 7 | Normanton to Karumba

[ Today we ride approx. 60 km]

Our ride on the last day will take us through Delta Downs to the Normanton River.  We will stop for morning tea at the iconic rusty Kombi (although last year we couldn’t see it as it had been covered over by silt)

Following the ferry crossing of the Normanton River, we ride to Karumba Gold Course, where we meet up with the rest of the C2K crew for our final leg as one bit rider’s group (Road & Dirt) into Karumba Point.


Our approximate time of arrival is 1300hrs when the ride official ends.