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So what exactly is EMMETT?

As Emmett Therapists we get asked many, many questions.

The most asked would have to be: So what exactly is EMMETT?

Simply, EMMETT stands for “Easy Muscle Management Release Therapy”.

Where your muscles become tight and sore after hours on a bike, we do gentle non-invasive moves to get those stubborn bits to release and relax.

All cyclists, either road or off-road riders know they’re going to develop aches and pains in hands, arms, legs, feet, back, shoulders, neck and most definitely your butt after hours in the saddle.

This is where the Emmett Angels steps in to help.

We’ll use quick, effective moves to get you back on your bicycle to continue your C2K adventure to Karumba.

The beauty of this technique is we treat riders, sitting, standing or lying to work our magic on your tender bits and pieces.  During this year’s ride, look out for us.

You can’t miss us with our distinctive Emmett Technique shirts and our EMMETT Chameleon visors.