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{JUNE 14, 2018} – Entertainment & Shenanigans

{MAY 29, 2018} – Smile! You’re on Camera & Where To Stay &  Did Someone Say Coffee?

{MAY 29, 2018} – Are You On The List?

{MAY 27, 2018} – Checkout the New Jersey Design for 2018.

{MAY 19, 2018} – The Countdown is on.

{MAY 8, 2018} – The Excitement is Building.


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Are you on the list?

A R E  Y O U  O N  T H E  L I S T?

If you are one of the top 10 C2K 2018 Bike Ride Fundraisers you will be going on an evening cruise with Passions.

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Check out the awesome 2018 jersey design

You’ll look awesome in one of these!

All jerseys have been ordered… we do order a few extras for those people that leave registration to the last minute! …and we cross our fingers that we have one your size!!



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C2K2018 The countdown is on

Keep up to date with our newsletters – The Countdown is on


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