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As I child growing up on a property  in the 1970’s to the mid 1980’s, from Northern Territory to Queensland, I did school of the air. Or distance education as it is known today. Getting an education was hard. We only had VHF radios or good old Australia post , or telegram. Mail was slow and sometimes things got lost, and even so in the wet season. If we were sent to boarding school we would be so far away from our family that a letter or telegram was our only form off communication and that seamed to take for ever. I’m doing this ride to help these kids get the education they need to better them selfs. Even throw we are supposed to have a great telecommunication system in this country is seams to stop and become patchy the further you go from the cities. These kids are part off this counties future, so the more we can give them the better they will become. They need better internet services, better phone services, let’s face it the outback is what this country was built on before mining took off.  So please help as it is very much appreciated. Thanks for your support.