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Dear friends, and family,

As my great Australian adventure continues into another year, without immigration deporting me, so far,  I have found a new challenge for 2019.

A mountain bike ride from Cairns to Kurumba. It is to help raise money for distance learning, which to my friends outside of Australia, doesn’t mean just sitting, further away from teacher at the back of the class… No, I should coco!!  It supports all the kids in remote regions of Australia get an education. Now, mark my word, that really is a long way from anywhere.

So, In June 2019 I will be attempting to ride form Cairns to Kurumba in north QLD, wherever that is, I hear you ask(top right on the map of Oz)?  It is a lot of km….  Through a lot of dust, and other places so I am told, check out the website… https://c2kbikeride.com.au/itinerary/

I’m told we start the day with a  nip of Jagermister, which has over 50 herbs, fruits, spices and roots, so it must be good for you.

That along with all the riding and sunshine, it must be good for you. Plus a huge amount of fun, as we ride through a lot of private properties that support the cause.

Thanks for taking the time to support me, be it financially as a sponsor, morally with your well wishes, or both. I am grateful either way of anything you wish to give.

I will keep you posted, and you can follow our progress as we ride….