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Dave – C2K 2024 – Bikes and Beers

THE Bucket List Bike Ride

CAIRNS 2 KARUMBA        2024


Challenge Accepted!  

C2K 2024 – 7 days – 780km

Pedalling for a purpose – Outback kids’ education.

Seven days, 780kms – Riding through outback Far North Queensland.

One goal, raising funds for Aussie bush kids’ education.


One week cycling with my family and friends.

Stopping at a few pubs along the way.


Bring on C2K – Bucket List – Bikes – Beers – Buddies


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Schrammy -C2K 2024

Cairns 2 Karumba 2024

7 days-780kms


140,000 is a very significant number, “WHAT IS IT?” you may be wondering. Well, roughly 140,000 is the number of times I will challenge myself to complete a full pedal rotation travelling 780kms from the east to west coast across north Queensland.

Raising funds for Outback kids’ Education is my motivation, riding through Queensland’s outback is a bonus.

This charity reaches an array of School’s in outback Queensland and gives them Opportunities to Grow and improve their learning facilities. To date this charity ride has distributed in excess of $1.2 million.

Together we can help continue providing opportunities for our Outback kids’ Education.

This year I will have my whole family joining me on this outback adventure –2 riders and 4 volunteers.

You might like to consider joining us on the 27th annual C2K bucket list adventure ride. If you ride 20kms you do the C2K.



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Team Cardzilla

We (Cardzilla) have been a sponsor of the ride for the last five years, last year we partnered with a supplier to become the joint naming sponsor but this year we’ve committed and become the sole naming sponsor for the CARDZILLA C2K! We believe in supporting the ongoing growth of the event to ensure that the Cairns to Karumba Bike Ride continues to make a positive impact to the education of kids in remote regions that need to access distance education and the community as a whole.

We strongly believe that supporting the local community is key to our continued success as a local business and hope you can support us support them by making an affordable donation. Thank you!

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2024 Road Ride 780 km, across the tip of Australia !! – Supporting Cairns Distance Education

Cairns School of Distance Education was formerly known as Cairns School of the Air.

It has been providing education to remote families, mostly on massive cattle stations, in Far North Queensland since August 28 1972.

Cairns School of Distance Education is strongly supported by the Parents and Citizens Association.

The P&C’s major fundraising event of each year is the Cairns to Karumba Bike Ride.

This is held during the June/July school holidays.

It has been their primary fundraising source since 1997 and has assisted in the construction of their multi-purpose building, funding school excursions and general resourcing of their school.

Their explicit improvement agenda focuses our attention on the following:

  • high quality teaching and learning
  • knowledgeable and high performing teams
  • quality learning relationships
  • learning spaces for 21st Century.


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C2K 2024 bike road Dan Elsden

I’m doing this ride to help the outback kids get some of the perks the city kids enjoy. Plus the challenge.

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C2K – number 15

A week on the bike

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Daniele Leyder

Another challenge – riding from Cairns to Karumba – 780 km over 7 days – 3,850m total ascent. What a great cause, fundraising for remote education! Please help me to support students in Far North Queensland with educational opportunities.

  1. Nathalie Elliott

  2. Patrick Elliott

  3. Susan Williams

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Steve Dovey. East – West to the Gulf tilt 2024.

ski diving (done & dusted in approx 10 mins) or riding a bike 800 kms over 7 days along the Savannah Way?  Well at least a bike has brakes.  LOL.  going riding for the kids in the bush, starting in Cairns and finishing at the Sunset Tavern, Kurumba.

  1. Sue Pattison

    Hurray Steve, welcome on board this year. Best wishes with your training. Regards, Sue Pattison
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Andrew Montgomery

Riding with Kate, Sam and Josh across the cape to Karumba, to raise funds for outback education. Great chance to get back on the bike and fit again and get some time away from work and see the beautiful far north QLD.

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Andrew Montgomery






























































































































Riding with Kate, Sam and Josh across the cape to Karumba. Raising funds for outback education. Great time to get fit again, get back on the bike, and take some time from work.


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