In recent years the ‘Dirty Boys’ component of the Cairns to Karumba Bike Ride has grown enormously in popularity.

With the increased number of riders wishing to take part, ride organisers (Milboe Ltd) are keen to ensure that the logistics are sufficient to maintain the integrity of this wonderful riding experience, whilst also ensuring the safety of our participants.

To help with this process, the 2021 ride will require all dirt riders to complete an expression of interest. This will ensure that we have a group of riders who have the riding experience to handle the conditions of this multi-day event and a bike that can handle the rough outback terrain.

The Process

1. Complete the Expression of Interest for the 2021 Dirty Boys component of the Cairns to Karumba Bike Ride (5 mins) – Click on Button
2. Submit the form
3. The Dirty Boys Committee will look at all Expressions of Interest and select a maximum of 60 riders to be part of the event in 2021.
4. All riders who are successful in gaining a placement on the Dirty Boys Ride will be informed by phone or email. These riders are then invited to complete an online entry/registration for the Dirty Boys Ride.
5. Any rider who is unsuccessful in gaining a placement on the Dirty Boys Ride, will have the opportunity to be a part of the Road Ride if they so desire.

Don’t let the name ‘Dirty Boys’ fool you – this awesome ride is open to both experienced male and female riders.

The dirt option is for experienced mountain bike riders with high quality, well serviced bikes, and will challenge the most hardy of skilled riders with long, corrugated and sometimes sandy and dusty terrain. It is impossible to ride dirt the entire way, and we do our best to maximise dirt time.

The premise upheld by the dirt riders is enjoyment, and the shared passion of seeing remote, untouched places. On any day, our permits run from 7am to 5pm, and we are not allowed to ride outside these hours.

Some of the dirt sections are upwards of 140km, which is a massive distance to cover cross-country. On occasions the ride must traverse bitumen sections between dirt roads. We often have to transport between the overnight camp and the start of the day’s ride, and similarly, at times during the day.

The Dirt Riders will present as a united voice, and at any stage during the day, if the consensus amongst the group is to opt to transport, then this is what will happen. We do not ride in packs, however, will all stop together at designated places en-route ( usually every 30-40 minutes or as required).

Our support vehicles carry the navigation gear, spares, food and drink, and ultimately make the final decisions on the group’s movements.

Dirty Boys Expression of Interest to ride

This popular ride fills up quickly each year. To ensure that all riders have the experience and equipment necessary to complete this ride, all persons interested in being a part of the Dirt Ride must complete an Expression of Interest Form.

Once you have completed your Expression of Interest please email it to Ride Director Helena McInnes at The Dirty Boys Committee will review all Expressions of Interest and allocate ride positions accordingly. Positions will be allocated on a first in, first served basis…our tip –get in early to avoid disappointment! Once you have the ‘thumbs ups’ you are free to enter online. (NB: online entries open on 1st February 2018).

Only riders who have completed an Expression of Interest will be eligible to be a part of the Dirt Ride.

A recently serviced, maintained mountain bike – minimum Deore/Sachs X-7 components
Front suspension fork, such as Rock Shox Alpha 2/Fox 100mm with lockout preferable
Relatively new tyres, such as Specialised Ground Control or Maxxis Larsen 26 x 2.00 max size One bidon, preferably two
Spare parts network, including spokes, chain, tubes, tyres, and service kit for each night, including TF2 lube, Rag, track pump and basic tools like allen keys, tyre levers etc.

Email or phone Llew Davies on M: 0419441500 for more information about the dirt ride.