Fast “Go” Pack

We go forth and ride faster, harder and longer. If you join this pack you will expect longer time in the saddle, less topping time and some more challenging routes.

What this means for you:  You need to have a moderate to high fitness level and at least intermediate MTB skills. The ability to push yourself.

Our aim is to have a funtastic time with the focus on riding. There will be less stop times and more ride time. We will start and end each day with the Fun pack and some days we will be on their tail. This will be a fantastic pack with supportive and motivating leaders.

Fun Pack

We will ride at a moderate pace encouraging the whole pack to remain together. You will have several stops to hydrate and take in the scenery and vastness of the countryside. 

There are some technical sections and moderate to intermediate level of trails, but hey… you signed up for an adventure! We will start and end each day with the Fast Pack, but take it easier and enjoy a more social and less race-like experience.

Our aim is for you to enjoy the experience, take in your surroundings and make loads of friends along the way.

Please select which pack you would like to be in: