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The Team Cairns SDE 2019 is all about connecting and giving our students opportunities.



Cairns School of Distance Education encapsulates the diverse nature of its community and the inclusion of its students with its motto Global Learning. Technological innovation delivers opportunities to students of all ages and provides alternative pathways to becoming independent, resilient, productive and self-sufficient learners. The dynamic learning and flexible curriculum ensures our students will receive the best from their schooling years. Teachers, home tutors, parents and students develop positive and supportive relationships in the flexible learning environment.


All students are welcome in our multicultural school community. Our school values the innovative use of technology to foster an expanding collaborative culture, creating more opportunities for students to connect with the world and each other.  Student diversity makes Cairns SDE the pioneering school it is, where diversity is celebrated.


Students and teachers collaborate to establish a positive teaching and learning environment. Students also work independently to solve problems giving them the confidence to question and the opportunity to show initiative.  Student-led learning empowers students to take initiative and ownership of their education. They understand the importance of discovery and the processes involved, fostering a growth mindset and the intrinsic motivation required to challenge themselves in preparation for the future.


Cairns School of Distance Education is a connected community. Every member has an important role in each student’s learning. Home Tutors, Teachers, Student Leaders and the School Leadership Team provide students with the experience they need through learning, understanding and collaboration. The non-teaching staff also support students and teachers. Students are given a voice through the Student Leader program, building trust and respect throughout the school community.


Students of Cairns School of Distance Education learn in an environment which fosters resilience, confidence, passion, individuality and courage. The connected community develops a safe place where failure is seen as a way of improving yourself and success is a stepping stone to something greater.


“Conscious effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential” – Winston Churchill. Authored by: 2017 Cairns SDE Student Council