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Pump n Pedals

C2K on-ride mechanics!

Pump’n’Pedals is not your average Bicycle Retailer!
We strive to help Riders Love Riding.
We offer a full complement of:

  • Custom Paint
  • Service Centre
  • FIT
  • Retail Excellence / Retail Therapy
  • 12 Month and 24 Month Interest Free
  • E-Bike Sales and Service
  • Mountain Bike Sales and Service, Road Sales and Service, Triathlon Sales and Service, Race – Street – Dirt and Virt BMX

As third generation locals owners Brad and Jackie Shannon believe strongly in contributing to, and being part of a strong local community. Most of our staff own a house and/or have young families here in Cairns, so you know we want the same things you do.

Trina Sweeney is one of the most passionate people we’ve ever met when it comes to cycling! whether she’s running local She-Spoke rides, conducting Coaching Clinics or simply helping the greater community fall in love with cycling, Trina is a cycling advocate, an IMBA Certified Coach and mountain biking BadAss!

We all want the local cycling, schools and sporting clubs to thrive so our children and yours can have everything they need to help them achieve whatever they wish in their lives.

We all ride bike, we travel interstate or overseas every year on biking adventures and between us, we have membership and an interest in every club we sponsor. At least one of us will be competing in every event on the mountain bike and triathlon-club calender’s this year.

A couple of us are members of the BMX club and while we are not competing each week, some of our children are, so we take an active interest and try to get down to the track whenever possible. We are also present at all the club’s major carnivals.

You will see us out at most events on the local calender this year, so come and and say hello. Hopefully we can help you out with any questions you may have.

Enjoy your ride.

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