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Passions of Paradise

Passions of Paradise is a true local company and is one of the few in Cairns that is still owner operated. Alan Wallish, Managing Director and Founder, built the first Passions of Paradise, a steel catamaran, in Cairns in 1987 with the simple aim of providing a fun trip to the reef. In 1997 he cut the boat in half and extended the length by 4 meters. The result was a faster more comfortable ride with the added bonus of an extended range to access more reefs. Then in 2003, the “new” boat was built; Passions 2. At 25 meters and made of fiber glass she was certainly built for speed and luxury. Passions 2 revolutionized day trips to the Great Barrier Reef and provided a real alternative to travelling on a motor boat.

Fast forward 14 years to 2017, Passions III was born. Endless conversations between Alan and Scott “Scotty” Garden, our CEO, who started with Passions in 2003, always focused on finding ways to provide passengers with the best experience, to be more modern, faster and more competitive. The Passions III dream became a reality as Alan and Scotty worked and personally project managed the build in China over a three year period. Their combined years of experience and Alan’s vast knowledge stemming from his last two sailing catamarans, meant an exciting new addition that offers passengers an experience like no other.

Built in a high-tech composite facility in China, Passions III, at 30 meters, is one of the fastest and largest sailing catamarans in Australia. Built to travel at 14 to 15 knots, Passions III can access the furthermost outer reef locations. World class reefs such as Flynn, Milne and Norman can all be reached within a day trip.

At Passions, the day starts and ends with our trip. As a family run boat, you often see Alan or Scotty out diving, sailing and chatting with passengers, enjoying bringing a great experience to all that come aboard. We don’t own multiple boats, we are not owned by a multi-national and we don’t have a human resources department. We have always been, and remain, a small dedicated operator, focused on providing you with exceptional customer service and a fun day. Our hand-picked staff are our most valuable resource and they work hard to ensure that your day on the Great Barrier Reef is a special part of your holiday.

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