The ride

Riders are formed into several packs depending on their ability and generally their level of fitness. Riders can swap around packs during the event – some may like more pace in the mornings and then move down to a slower pack in the afternoons. If you have never had any experience with pack riding then have no fear – most of our participants have never ridden in packs either – we provide training, support and have lots of experience after 15 years running the ride. A trained pack leader is allocated to the pack prior to the ride and is in radio contact with the pack’s front and rear support vehicles.

The leader will be supportive, caring and lead their pack by assisting members to enjoy and embrace this kind of riding. This style of cycling provides for all levels of fitness – from the competitive club rider down to the social set, ages from 15yrs to 85yrs+ have all taken part in previous rides.

One of the most often heard comments during the event “I’ve met so many amazing people and have completely switched off from all my stresses and the outside world”. Every 20km there is a drinks stop where water, electrolyte drinks, dried fruit and an abundant supply of bananas and oranges are available. These stops are attended by crew volunteers, just as the whole ride is managed and supported by volunteers. Drink stops are places for running repairs or running to the call of nature and given we are heading across the Outback’s Savannah Way there is plenty to see.

Dehydration is a major concern and as we head further away from the east coast and across the warmer Savannah region, riders should be drinking water/electrolyte drinks as soon as they wake up. If you wait until you feel thirsty to drink then you are already dehydrating!

Meals are provided by our volunteer Road Kill Catering Crew but don’t let the name scare you, most people put on weight during the trip because the meals are so good!